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Episode 80: Breaking Toxic Patterns: Why We Choose and Stay in Unhealthy Relationships After Complex Trauma

Episode 79: The Resilient Professional: How Our Health Gives Us Messages to Guide Our Work

Episode 78: Honoring Life Through Sharing Difficult Stories: Transforming Grief by Empowering Others

Episode 77: Attachment Styles: Impact on Relationships, Health And Healing

Episode 76: Navigating the Grief Journey: The Polyvagal Way To Become an Active Operator of Your Nervous System

Episode 75: Fear Stored In The Gut: Attachment, Relational Trauma, And Solutions For The Hyper-Sensitive Gut

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Episode 74: Why Stored Trauma Becomes Syndromes & Their Somatic Solutions

Episode 73: The Impact of Early Attachment Shocks: How Unexpected Stressors Can Cause Developmental Trauma & What To Do 

Episode 72: What We Have Missed With Trauma-Informed Care: Boundaries, Attachment and Generational Impact