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Are you seeking lasting freedom from past trauma for yourself – or for clients? The Biology of Trauma® model shows you how to identify and address stored trauma in the body down to the cellular level – which is often the missing piece in traditional trauma work. The Biology of Trauma® applies functional medicine, somatic practices and inner parts work to offer a holistic and integrated approach to finally releasing trauma stored in the body from the cellular to the subconscious level.

Whether you are an individual seeking fuller health and freedom or a professional looking to enhance your trauma-informed practice, we have the right resources for you!

What is the Biology of Trauma® Model?

Dr. Aimie Apigian

Stored trauma in clients’ bodies and nervous systems is often the missing piece holding back their full healing. The Biology of Trauma® Dr. Aimie’s model offers a comprehensive approach to address clients’ stress and trauma responses, integrating functional medicine, somatic practices, attachment theory, and the latest breakthroughs in neurodevelopment and epigenetics. This 6-course program follows the essential sequence needed by the body to safely release stored trauma and unlock healing. Become a more calm, present and resourced practitioner. Empower your clients to create safety and support for their own nervous systems. Enhance and accelerate the effectiveness of your current modalities – all with the Biology of Trauma® model.

Biology of Trauma Model Visual

The Biology of Trauma® takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to uncovering and addressing trauma in the body. Dr. Aimie imparts her extensive training in neurobiology, attachment theory, epigenetics, parts and somatic work, lab work, polyvagal theory and more within the Biology of Trauma® trainings in an easy to understand and apply way for individuals and practitioners. 

How does the Biology of Trauma® Training

Elevate a Professional's Practice?

“Dr. Aimie you have truly, truly, truly changed my life. You have changed me as a parent, you have changed me professionally, and you have healed me the fastest I’ve ever been healed. The quantum shift I have experienced really leaves me speechless.”

– Florence

Biology of Trauma® with Dr. Aimie Apigian

We have unlocked the essential steps to taking the body from being stuck in trauma to achieving freedom and health. We have created Modules within our Biology of Trauma® model which correspond to each step. While completing any individual module is highly beneficial, completing all of the Biology of Trauma® modules provides the most complete approach to health and healing.  

Biology of Trauma Sequence Ladder Steps