Biology of Trauma® Podcast
With Dr. Aimie Apigian MD, MS, MPH
Episode 64

Are The Trauma Parts Of You Keeping You Sick?

Traditional medicine is designed to kill the messenger rather than listen to the message."
~ Dr. Dick Schwartz

Show Notes: 

In this episode, I will be talking about how my own experience with chronic health symptoms, trauma, and parts of me played a role in my health that I am willing to risk your criticism or even anger at the idea that we can have trauma parts of us that make and keep us sick. )

Here’s what you will learn:

  • What parts work is and its importance in trauma healing
  • The role of protector parts and how they can affect physical health 
  •  How internal battles between different parts can lead to physical symptoms and health issues
  • The results of a study on those with rheumatoid arthritis and internal family systems
  • Why connecting with Self can help heal trauma

Helpful Links

Steps to Identify and Heal Trauma Guide – The sooner we can identify which parts of us are affecting our health, the sooner we can start to heal the stored trauma in them.

Attachment Trauma Roadmap – Understanding how attachment is survival and how parts work can lead to having a better connection with ourselves and other people. 

Parts Video on Youtube channel – How to be your authentic self and how it can help you recover from attachment trauma.

Foundational Journey – Join me for a 6-week program, including 21 days of somatic work, 21 days of somatic parts work which can help you connect and communicate with your parts and improve your physical health.

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