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Episode 3

Recognizing And Overcoming The Freeze Response with Irene Lyon, Part 1

Show Notes

On today’s episode, I am interviewing Irene Lyon, a nervous system specialist using somatic work to promote neuroplasticity in those suffering from trauma. She explains how people are becoming functionally frozen from even the most innocuous events throughout their childhood. We now understand that, even in infancy, trauma disrupts our developing nervous systems often as a result of the disillusionment of the mother and child bonding process.

Allowing a baby to “cry it out” without attending to their needs is a popular parenting style in our culture, but this practice often forces the baby to develop a freeze response for survival purposes. Every time a child is denied their basic needs for food, for the bathroom, and especially for connection it creates a separation from the child’s own intuition which begins to degrade their nervous system. These types of traumas are often dismissed, but it is in these crucial years of childhood that shape our ability to cope in adulthood.
Fortunately, you can overcome trauma and rewire your nervous system. Since our brains have the ability to change and adapt to cope with trauma, it is also able to change and adapt to healthy conditions. Recognition is the first step to overcoming your freeze response, and in this episode, Irene equips you with the knowledge and somatic tools to break out of the cycle of trauma.


  • [1:55] How we have lost our intuition on how to raise a human being
  • [4:20] We have the coding in our DNA
  • [6:40] Its the daily habits in childhood that shape your nervous system
  • [8:40] Functionally Frozen State of Childhood
  • [10:25] Stopping the natural flow of the child
  • [14:20] When did we start numbing your feelings
  • [15:30] Children are not yet functional in a social situation and can’t self regulate
  • [17:50] What happens when you don’t attend to the child’s needs
  • [21:30] Continuum Theory: Who really needs to do trauma work
  • [23:00] Children from tribal communities aren’t having these issues with trauma
  • [25:30] Presence is a gift to your children.

Find More From Irene:

Irene Lyon: https://irenelyon.com/

21-Day Tune-Up: https://21daytuneup.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/IreneLyon
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/irenelyon/

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