Biology of Trauma® Podcast
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Episode 21: What If You're Not Sure You've Had Trauma

Show Notes

“Trauma? I don’t have trauma, right?” Have you said this to yourself or heard others say it? Today, we are going to break it down so you can figure it out. My guest today is Rhonda, a 23-year veteran of the police department from Chicago, Illinois. Rhonda will break down for us how she went from The Energizer Bunny to healing her body’s stored trauma after a serious health crash with the help of my 21 Day Journey.


You’ll learn:

The signs of stored, unaddressed trauma What is trauma? The first step to releasing stored trauma How, as professionals, healing begins with us

Rhonda went from “knowing” she didn’t have trauma to realizing that as a police officer, most of her days were surrounded by trauma, because, as she puts it, “No one is inviting us to their grandma’s 90th birthday for cake,” and how they are often seen by people on the worst days of their entire lives with little to no downtime between calls.

We will also talk about the biology of our nervous system and what each part is designed to do and how each presents itself in our bodies through fight, flight, or freeze responses.


  • [2:00] Rhonda’s story and health crash
  • [6:00] The signs of stored, unaddressed trauma
  • [8:01] Rhonda’s realization that she did have trauma
  • [10:59] What is trauma?
  • [14:54] Rhonda’s 21 Day Journey
  • [16:57] The first step in releasing stored trauma – Somatic work
  • [19:15] How Rhonda has incorporated the lessons learned in the 21 Day Journey into her work as a police officer
  • [24:11] How, as professionals, healing begins with us

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Foundational Journey

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Be safely guided step-by-step through the essential process for addressing stored trauma in your body.


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