Biology of Trauma® Podcast
With Dr. Aimie Apigian

Episode 20: The Connection Between Money, Loneliness, And Trauma

Show Notes

There is a lot of suffering when it comes to money. My guest today is going to help us answer the question: What is the connection between money, loneliness, and trauma?


You’ll learn:

What is a trauma relationship with money? Where does money-related trauma become stored? Three signs you have a trauma relationship with money How money trauma is connected to loneliness

My guest is Kiné Corder, founder of Presidential Lifestyle, where she helps professionals get their mentality right around money to alleviate the suffering from this piece of their trauma story. Kiné came into my life and helped me become even more aware of how much my mentality, actions, and decisions around money were a result of childhood experiences and trauma.

In addition to the questions above, we will cover the three states of the autonomic nervous system and three ways to identify the signs of stored trauma that affects our physical health.



  • [2:27] Kiné’s experience with money and learning about the trauma relationship she and others have with money
  • [3:56] The amount of money someone has does not lessen their trauma experience
  • [5:08] Kiné switches from finance, becoming a therapist using hypnotherapy to help people shift their mindsets
  • [6:12] What is a trauma relationship with money?
  • [7:44] Three states of the autonomic nervous system: parasympathetic, sympathetic, and the freeze
  • [13:19] Your earliest money memory and why you need to know that
  • [17:58] Where money-related trauma becomes stored
  • [21:20] How mentality is the playout of biology in the body
  • [24:03] Three signs you have a trauma relationship with money
  • [26:32] The connection between money and loneliness (especially in men)
  • [27:45] Greed vs. Guilt: the difference in money mindset between men and women
  • [31:17] What we can do to restore and release a trauma relationship with money

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