Biology of Trauma® Podcast
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Episode 40: Health Issues: What To Do When The Protocols Aren’t Enough


"..the first step is to kind of witness your body and where you're aware of these physiological shifts. And then the second phase is really the narrative you develop about those physiological responses. If you see it through a polyvagal lens, you see the reactions as trying to protect you.."

Show Notes:

The reality is, most of us have a chronic health issue in addition to trauma.  Trauma and health issues go hand in hand. In this podcast episode, we are diving into the important question of: What to do when the protocols aren’t enough for resolving a chronic health issue?

To help answer this question, Laura Frontiero joins us for this episode. A primary care nurse practitioner for years at Kaiser Permanente, Laura worked with Dr. Vincent Feletti, the physician behind the Adverse Childhood Experiences study.

In today’s episode, we will look at what happens when trauma becomes the operating system for the body and what to do about it.  When a chronic health issue is present, we can go wrong! You can’t out-supplement trauma, and your health professional isn’t going to have the tools to recognize when trauma is the roadblock for your body.

What you will hear in this episode:
  • Then trauma is a roadblock for healing of a chronic health issue [03:37]
  • How the body communicates trauma through health symptoms [06:36]
  • What can go wrong when doing trauma work when a chronic health issue is present [07:16]
  • How did I figure out the sequence for safely doing trauma work (since it wasn’t what I learned in medical school) [18:45]
  • How trauma becomes a chronic state of the body [26:17]
  • How to recognize one is dealing with stored trauma and not just stress [29:00]
  • What to do if one already has some physical health symptoms and is ready to do the trauma work. Where to start to do it safely! [35:07]


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