Michelle Brown

Degrees / Licenses:

  • Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP)
  • Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor (CFNC)


  • Digestion, Fatigue, Autoimmunity, Hormone Balance for Women


I help clients navigate the complexities of chronic health issues, including fatigue, hormone imbalance, and autoimmunity, so they can restore their energy and move forward in life.

I use a functional nutrition, trauma-informed approach to help you get to the root of your health issues. My root-cause approach peels back the layers of dysfunction to reveal your best self, leaving no stone unturned as I support you through your health journey.

In our work together, I provide a strategic, step by step plan to help feel your best while moving at a pace that supports your nervous system and keeps you out of overwhelm.


Kansas, United States

Certification Level:

Biology of Trauma® Professional- Mastery Level In Training