Biology of Trauma Dr. Aimie Becky-Dawson

Afshan Tafler

Degrees / Licenses:

  • H.BSc


  • Nervous System Regulation + Resilience


Mothers of highly reactive, sensitive, high needs kids. 

Afshan helps mothers of highly reactive, hypersensitive, high needs kids to feel greater calm, confidence, and connection, as well as find their joy again on the journey of parenting a child with high needs. She does this by helping mothers become aware of what’s getting triggered inside of them in the face of their child’s behaviors and heal that programming so that they can show up as the mother they want to be with their kids. As a result, mothers are rewiring their nervous systems and brain towards greater calm,
presence, emotional regulation and resilience to handle the challenges that come up with their children with more ease and be able to experience hope and joy again with their families and in their lives.


Toronto, Ontario M4R1N1

Certification Level:

Biology  of Trauma® Professional (Year 1 training modules complete)