Biology of Trauma® Podcast
With Dr. Aimie Apigian MD, MS, MPH
Episode 2

The Long-Term Effects Of Brain Inflammation With Dr. Peter Kan

Show Notes:

In this episode of The Biology of Trauma, we discuss brain inflammation with Dr. Peter Kan, a chiropractic neurologist working to heal the gut and the brain. He has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and is a fellow at the Institution of Integrative Medicine.

Without proper brain function, even the simplest tasks can become difficult to focus on. And often, what is described as brain fog, is caused by neural inflammation. Many of these symptoms can be attributed to normal aging, but are becoming more and more common in younger patients due to lifestyle factors. Often, we attribute head injuries to physical trauma, but your brain cannot distinguish between physical and psychological trauma, and both will set off the same neurological protocol. Like most neurological conditions, it can be difficult to catch in the early stages, so we are coming together to highlight common warning signs that you may be experiencing and how to address them.



  • [1:20] Symptoms of brain inflammation

  • [9:30] Recognizing brain inflammation

  • [24:00] Identifying priming events

  • [36:00] How psychological events cause brain inflammation

  • [41:30] Emotional trauma and PTSD has the same effect as a physical trauma on the brain

  • [53:45] Living a life of constant stress dysregulates your nervous system

Products I recommend from this episode

Magnesium Calm – If you want better sleep and to ease brain inflammation then taking this supplement will help you.

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