Biology of Trauma Dr. Aimie

Annika Taylor

Degrees / Licenses:

  • Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
  • Certified Restorative Wellness Practitioner


  • Anxiety, Low Moods, Fatigue/Burn-Out, Digestive Problems


My passion is in helping women transform their stress and health challenges into a peaceful, health-filled and joyful life! I gently support my clients in optimizing their moods and digestive health through functional medicine, bio-individual nutrition and embodiment practices— so that they can experience more energy, more calm, and truly enjoy the incredible abundance life has to offer them! I work with clients experiencing anxiety, low moods, fatigue, burn-out and digestive problems. My goal is to support you exactly where you’re at, honoring your nervous system and going at a pace that feels right for you. My gentle approach includes hair tissue mineral analysis, gut testing, bioresonance testing, energetic muscle-testing and customized herbal + nutritional support. My clients report better sleep, reduced anxiety, improved digestion, healthier weight, and lighter moods.


San Diego, CA.

Certification Level:

Biology Of Trauma® Professional In Training (Year 1 training modules in progress)